Thursday, November 13, 2014

Welcome to Asheville Pilates

Asheville Pilates is a movement studio where individuals of all ages, body types and fitness levels can increase strength, flexibility, motion and tone, all while reducing stress and improving mental focus and clarity.  Our nurturing instructors foster mind-body awareness through individual and group sessions, including Pilates classes using mats or equipment, GYROTONIC® classes, GYROKINESIS® classes and reflexology treatment.  
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Many exercise programs and classes - including those using free weights and traditional gym equipment - encourage participants to push through workouts, placing great strain on muscles, joints and the rest of the body.  This often leads to pain, stiffness and other negative side effects. But at Asheville Pilates, the focus is on smooth, controlled movement and breathing.  The result is a workout that's less stressful on - but highly beneficial to - both body and mind.

Isn't it time your body and mind reached their full potential?  Contact Asheville Pilates and schedule your visit to our custom-designed studio.

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